Moonwalking is an augmented-reality app that recreates Tranquility Base in your backyard or neighborhood park. With your iPhone or iPad serving as a magic window into history, watch as the Lunar Module "Eagle" lands, Neil Armstrong makes his famous "one small step," and Buzz Aldrin joins him for history's first moonwalk. All this is happening right in front of you — all around you — in an immersive virtual world.

MoonWalking demonstrates our augmented reality technology for historic sites, but it's designed so you can experience it wherever you are.

MoonWalking requires an iPhone 4+ or an iPad 2+ (with GPS).

Immersive augmented reality lets you explore the virtual world by walking around the real world.

3D virtual world of Tranquility Base featuring the Lunar Module "Eagle" and astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin.

Four animated events: moon landing, first step on the moon, moonwalk, and liftoff.

Take pictures of your friends with the Lunar Module and astronauts.
iPhone 4+ or
iPad 2+ (with GPS)

News & Updates
July 20: Moon walk for free!
MoonWalking is now a free app, to commemorate the 44th anniversary of Apollo 11's moon landing.
January 16: Featured App on TUAW!
MoonWalking is the Daily iPhone App on TUAW! "A clever app that combines some whimsy with the motion and position sensing features of the iPhone. MoonWalking is A-OK". Read the review!
December 12: Share your photos!
Upload your MoonWalking photos to our Facebook page for everyone to enjoy!